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Rokatusch is in development. It is an RTS-like game but from First-person point of view. You will be able to build buildings like e.g., walls and towers or houses. You will be able to create multiple forts on a huge map. After ordering buildings via pre-defined blue prints your workers or you build up the buildings.

Planned Key Features

  • First-person view
  • Collect materials (Wood, Food, Stone, Iron, Gold ...)
  • Build buildings, walls, ...
  • Hire people as workers or soldiers
  • Choose look/weapons of your people
  • Simple RTS elements like command people (Defend position e.g.)
  • Fight against AI and real players (Up to ~4-8)
  • Day / night cycle

Short Trailer

Trailer on YouTube.com

Development Plan

There is no fix release date yet. I will post update news as often as possible.

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Problems / Questions

Use Steam forums or our bug-reporting system, please.

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